Gorge-ous Gorges

River Mersey

River Mersey

Our hiking boots have had several outings this week as we have explored some of Tasmania’s wild and inspiring walks.  The longest trail we did was up to the magnificent Meander Falls.  It was a climb of over 500 metres but the track wound up through beautiful temperate rainforest.  The guide books suggested it was a 6-7 hour return trip but we comfortably did it in 4.5 hours which included stopping frequently to take photos.  Maybe we were just super fit after the Windsor Park Run on Saturday.

Cataract Gorge can indeed bring a tear to a glass eye.  The Gorge is close to the centre of Launceston which is Tasmania’s second largest city.  There was a chair lift but we chose to walk the circular route which went up as far as the old hydro-electric power station at Duck Reach.

We have stayed at caravan parks in Deloraine and Latrobe this week.  Both suggested they were good places for spotting platypus in the local rivers and they were right!  It has taken patience but we have spotted three in the wild now but they’ve either been too quick or too far away to capture on film.  Lovely to see them nonetheless.

No photos of the raspberry farm, cheese or chocolate factories we visited this week.  The free samples were miniscule!  We did however do our bit and look forward to finding out if the raspberry jam lives up to its slogan of being “The way life should taste”!!!

Cheese and Jam

Local Produce




6 thoughts on “Gorge-ous Gorges

  1. Anne Walker

    Looks like a lot of Tasmania is unhabited, but beautiful scenery all around you, it also looks like the forest fires haven’t done too much damage there or is it that you have carefully edited the photos.
    Have fun, love Anne & Pat xx


    1. SheilaK Post author

      There are lots of wide open spaces here. Beautiful green pastures for farming and seen lots of milking herds this week. This area has been affected by forest fires either so no editing required 😊


  2. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good Day Cobbers, Sorry I haven’t responded to your earlier blogs only its been somewhat hectic in the UK, what with the Coronaviris.  In case you hadn’t heard, Schools are likely to be closed at the weekend, thousands are now working from home, all sporting events cancelled or postponed, All Football, The Grand National, The Boat Race, The Rugby, Cricket. F1, Golf the list goes on…..Its expected to be announced later today that all Park Runs will be cancelled until further notice but that still to be confirmed. Even Supermarkets are starting to ration food, the Government have just announced that they will provide £350 Billion, yes Billion to support business’s  It looks like the UK will go into lockdown within the next couple of weeks following in the lines of Italy & Spain, every business sector in the UK is affected.Sorry to pass on the Doom & Gloom but sadly there is very little good news to report. We are all washing our hands more often and whilst doing this singing two verses of Happy Birthday to ensure you have thoroughly washed them, we are being asked to keep our distance from one another and no handshaking or hugging. Pauline has been given 6th April for her fifth operation on her arm so hopefully this won’t be cancelled, we are keeping our fingers crossed this will go ahead, if this is not successful they are talking of ampitation which is something we don’t want to think about. Finally, the Premiership has been suspended at this stage so as someone said to me, even God doesn’t want Liverpool to win the title, every cloud…….. Stay Safe and keep Pootlingggggggggggggg



  3. SheilaK Post author

    Things are deadly serious so no flippant comments from me. We have been keeping track of the situation in Europe and really horrified at how quickly things are overtaking us. Keep safe, fingers crossed for Pauline and we’ll just keep on pootling. XX



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