The Best Things In Life Are Free

Tasmania has a ridiculous number of free or donation campsites.  For every caravan park there are at least ten that will cost you nothing to park in for a day or two.  Free campsites often have toilets nearby, sometimes showers but no power.  That’s OK for the Britz-mobile though as the leisure battery can run the fridge and lights for two days before needing to hook up.  We stayed at one free campsite that was totally amazing and there was hardly anyone there.  The large grassy campsite was next to a beautiful beach and there was free access to the cinema, games room, tennis courts and putting green.  There was a heated swimming pool to enjoy for $5 a day, washing machines for only $2 and oh did I mention, it had a brewery, a distillery and a vineyard as well!!!  After working up a sweat playing table tennis we went for a paddle – Mike chose beer, I chose wine! Later on we had the most delicious meal in the estate’s restaurant and rounded off our most enjoyable day by sampling their whisky and fortified wine/port.   The other freebie we’ve been enjoying are the blackberries which are growing wild along many of the foreshores.  We have never seen anyone else out picking but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed them with local Tasmanian vanilla ice-cream.


We have stopped in quite a few places over the past week but will concentrate on just two: Freycinet National Park and the Bay of Fires.  We spent two days walking at both sites and on both occasions we had one really sunny day and one not so good.  As one person we met said, “With the elements you have to take the bad with the good”.  The following photos demonstrate what a difference a day makes.



That said, here are my preferred shots with sunshine, early evening light and sunset at Freycinet.

Whilst one might think the Bay of Fires is so called because of the orange lichen found on the granite boulders lining the bay, it actually refers to the Aboriginal fires spotted by Captain Tobias Furneaux when he sailed past in 1773.  This was a magical place again with free camping along the bay.

It has been an enlightening week in so many different ways.  We were mesmerised watching how the birdlife here balance on one leg whilst using the other to pick up pine cones and brings these up to their beaks to munch on.  I also never realised that there was such a thing as a vegetable peeler that does what it says on the tin!  Happy days.



8 thoughts on “The Best Things In Life Are Free

    1. SheilaK Post author

      Honestly they’ve never faced the right way for me before and have been so blunt they wouldn’t cut butter. This one slivers through carrots producing thin ribbon strips – magic 😊


  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good Day Cobber’s… or should I say Free Loaders?
    It’s good to know that you are keeping true to your Scottish roots, by getting your money’s worth, I didn’t realise how much you could get for a Scottish Pound note!!!
    Bird Watching – is this a new hobby of yours I understand this is called twitching similar to tweeting but without a phone….
    As for the vegetable peeler I’m not surprised you don’t know what this is for; especially when one has staff to do these little jobs for you. On the plus side it gives you more time to practice your golf and wine tasting skills.
    I was really sorry to hear that Liverpool lost to Watford 3 v 0 even some Liverpool Fans have been calling for Klopp to be sacked, I think most of them were Evertonians.
    Keep safe and Free Wheeling (saves Fuel) take Care.
    Favourite Brother in Law xx


  2. Jenny McGregor

    Well you do love a freebie… and seems you found plenty of those on this leg!!! Those blackberries sure looked YUM!!!! Views looked beautiful- even on a cloudy day. And to have such time as to just sit watching birds hop around on one leg… aaaahhhh- pure bliss!!! P.S- I have never understood why you don’t use a peeler to peel your veggies xxxx



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