Hello, Hello, Are You Reading Me? Over

It has been seven months since we finished our lap of Australia and returned to the UK in time to celebrate my father’s 96th birthday.

Birthday Boy

Dad’s Palindrome Birthday

We loved our time in Australia and were keen to return again with another visa in place. Luckily for us the Australian Government brought out a new visa in July called the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa which suited our purposes perfectly! It required our son-in-law to get approved as our Parent Sponsor and then it was over to us to sort out the necessary medical, police checks, referees, $$$ funds and application form. Our five year visa was granted on the 24th September 2019 and the clock has already started counting down!!!


=”attachment_1036″ width=”1970″ /> It’s Officially Granted!

It was always our intention to spend Christmas with my Dad and so we have spent the intervening months getting ready to move in the New Year. Whilst we haven’t had quite so much clutter to throw out this time, we have had the added task of getting rid of all the furniture we are not shipping out to Australia. We have carefully studied the guidance about what we can and cannot ship and unfortunately the 22 bottles of gin I was given for my birthday did not make the cut! As I’m doing Dry January quite a lot of ‘regifting’ happened at Christmas time!!!

In addition to securing some really lovely tenants for the next three years, we have spent a lot of time enjoying the British countryside. This has included walking the entire length of the Thames Path (184 miles/294 kms) from the heart of the Cotswolds to the Thames Barrier as well as four days along the Fife Coastal Path and three days hillwalking between Dollar ($) and Stirling (£)! Mike and I also secured our official red Park Run tee shirts for completing our 50th run a few weeks ago.
We have been desperately saddened to watch the daily television reports showing the devastating bushfires across Australia but especially in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Balmoral, Kangaroo Island and the whole coastline around Batemans Bay hold very special memories for us. As for the wildlife it is just heartbreaking. We have read many reports that say once the fires are out these communities will be in even greater need of the tourist dollar and hopefully we will get a chance to go back in the future. But first we’re heading off to Tasmania. Our plans have been hanging in the balance somewhat with my father’s health not as good as when we arrived back in the summer. If he’s “spared” – an expression Dad has been using for the past few years – we fly out on the 28th January to spend two weeks in Dee Why with my daughter and family. Thereafter the plan is to fly to Tasmania where we have hired a Britz campervan for eight weeks and hope to see as much as we can before heading on to New Zealand for some quality sister time. Several of my previous followers asked if I was going to write another blog – I wasn’t sure …. until today!!!

12 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, Are You Reading Me? Over

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Here we go again, I was asked if your on the run? as you appear to be spending most of your time flitting from Country to Country, just saying……
    I was amazed to read the amount of bottles of Gin you are going to have to leave behind all I can say is that Waitrose are going to see a drop in their takings then. It may also explain why the John Lewis staff won’t be getting paid a bonus this year.
    I suppose you will have to change the title of the Blog, pootling around Tasmania & New Zealand, doesn’t have the same ring about it but I’m sure you will come up with a suitable headline title.
    Looking forward to receiving the next instalments of your travel expeditions.
    keep pootling………………………….


  2. Anne Walker

    Hi Sheila and Mike, I will be looking forward to reading all about your adventures, have a fantastic time. Lots of love xx


    1. SheilaK Post author

      Yes we’re really excited – although need to get our heads back into Aussie style “history” after visiting many ancient historical sites in the UK recently!


  3. Marie P Caie

    Message received loud and clear Sheila. Delighted to hear that you are good to go Pootling again!
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your travels in Tassie ☺


  4. Jenny McGregor

    Hooray- It’s time for more “Pootling!!!” Lovely to see another of these updates and we are all excited this end to have Grandma and Eggles back on this side of the world. See you next week!! xxx



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