Three Amigos!

One of the best bits about this lap has been the people we have met. We have exchanged phone numbers with a select few and vowed to hopefully meet up with them again as we travelled through their home towns. This week we have had laughs, barbeques and amazing hospitality from Colin and Kim who we met back in Kalbarri and Vicki and Jake who we met way back in Ceduna. Mike also met up with a former work colleague from Basingstoke and we had a wonderful lunch with my daughter’s in-law’s, in-laws at Cotton Tree.

Our intention with Colin and Kim was simply to give them a quick ring and say “Hi we’re in Noosa”. After dinner on our first night in Noosa I duly dialled Colin’s phone number and was relieved to hear he still remembered us. Biggest surprise of all was that he was parked only four sites along from us on the same caravan park. Turned out that they had returned from their lap too early to get back into their house in Noosa which was rented out so they were killing time at the same caravan park we booked into. The chances of that happening had to be about a million to one – clearly meant to be. Colin took us on a guided tour of Noosa one day and we got out and explored the National Park on our bikes another. Loved Noosa but found it too busy and expensive to consider a move to the Sunshine Coast!

DRUM ROLL – BIG NEWS We left Noosa having secured the sale of our beautiful motorhome, Jura. Jan, her new owner, dropped something of a bombshell by asking us to consider leaving Jura behind. Long story short – we have. The saying goes that the first offer is often the best offer. Jan was the first person to view Jura and on the basis she met our asking price and contributed half the cost of our replacement hire vehicle we have let her go. Since driving off into the sunset Jan has asked a couple of questions about how things work and gushes about how much she LOVES her. I’m glad but also gutted which is why I probably came down with a heavy cold this week, sniff sniff.

Jura Off Into The Sunset!

Jura’s new owner with pooch

Poor Vicki and Jake didn’t know what they’d let themselves in for when they invited us to come and stay with them in Algester (a southern suburb of Brisbane). “Come and enjoy a comfy bed that doesn’t move about”, they said. “Thanks”, we said but then had to do a very unBritish thing and ask for extra favours. Not only did we enjoy a comfy bed for four nights whilst temporarily motorhomeless, we filled up their beautiful new granny annex with all our worldly goods including bikes, barbeque, table, chairs, linen, clothes, alcohol, cleaning materials, etc. No room to swing a cat or Jan’s little dog. The handover happened on Tuesday and we picked up our hire van on Friday. This allowed us a couple of days to box stuff up and see the sights of Brisbane.

The Adventure Continues!

Jura’s Replacement

Brisbane has a great public transport system with buses having specially constructed roads all to themselves. We took advantage of the free City Hopper ferry, cheap buses and trains but left the electric scooters to the experts!

Having passed my cold on to Mike we weren’t at our most energetic so we took a gentle stroll through the Botanic Gardens even if we couldn’t smell the roses. There were some interesting contemporary art displays including the following entitled Circle Work (resting) 2019 which basically allows circular areas of lawn to take a break from routine maintenance!

DRUM ROLL – MORE BIG NEWS Some of you will know we’ve been in negotiations over the sale of our two properties in the UK. Well due to our solicitor’s incompetence, combined with the continuing saga over Brexit, the deal has fallen through and so we will be returning to our house in Maidenhead at the end of the lap. Maybe I’ll consider writing a book instead?

6 thoughts on “Three Amigos!

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good Day Sheila, and its goodbye to an old trusted friend Jura, who has served you well through thick & thin, hot & cold, along Highways & By ways, on road & off road, Dirt track & out Back. And through it all she did it all, She did it Highway…………. I’m sure there’s a song about that?
    It good to see you have friends, I was beginning to think you were ‘Billy no mates’, after almost twelve months travelling things can get a bit wiffy if you get my drift.
    Now taking a closer look at these ‘circle works’, if I didn’t know better I would have thought that’s the results of where you had been camping or pitching the old Barbi..
    I’m not convinced about the City of Floods artwork, looks like its somewhere to park your bike!!
    The electric scooters are the future and they are really easy to ride, I was on one last week when I was in Denmark.
    I hope Jura’s replacement serves you well ‘Lets Go’ a waltzing Matilda….I’ll leave you to finish off the sing song.
    Stay save and keep Pootlinggggggggggggggg

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SheilaK Post author

      You’ve clearly been eating too many Danish pastries to burst into so much song. Did give me a giggle from doing it your way right through to waltzing Matilda 🤣🤣🤣


  2. Jenny McGregor

    Sure has been a big month for you so far… lots of BIG news!!! Sorry to hear about all the plans with the house back home, falling through- big boo!! Very sad to see Jura being passed on but glad to hear how much Jan, the new owner loves it!!! At least you know Jura will be loved and looked after. Lots of beautiful sights in Sunshine Coast- last time I was there I was pregnant with Jamie!!! You’re getting closer to me now- which is super awesome!!! Xxx



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