The Rain/Shine Coast

Druket Lorikeets

Druket (Wet) Lorikeets

April Showers have been happening all week unfortunately and it put paid to our plans to visit Carnarvon Gorge. The Gorge and the main road leading to it were closed off due to flooding so we had to head south via The Country Way instead. It was actually a very scenic drive with the fields full of Brahman and Hereford cattle and sweetcorn. We passed through Banana Shire without seeing a single banana tree though! Hmmm, something of a theme happening here when it comes to fruit huh – last week there were no pineapples along the Pineapple Trail.

Thankfully the same cannot be said about the Gemfields with Sapphire coming up trumps when it came to actual sapphires. We took our little bag of gems back to the place we bought the bag of dirt from and they kindly separated out the wheat from the chaff (so to speak). Turns out we had quite a lot of good quality gems in amongst the quartz! Armed with the knowledge of what to look for we bought another bag of dirt and have ended up with 66 stones for cutting! Not bad for the equivalent of £30 with the largest sapphire being the size of a peanut (we only have cashews!). Next step is to send them off to Thailand and if we’re lucky we’ll get them back in six month’s time!

Childers was a lovely little town and we would have stayed longer if we didn’t already have a rendezvous planned with a potential buyer for Jura. The Caravan Park outside of town was one of the most serene bush settings we have encountered. Staying at the park were a number of Hot Rod enthusiasts and their stories were entertaining round the evening campfire. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out. ‘Hot Rods’ are not just your run of the mill classic cars, they have large engines modified for faster speed and this lot pulled equally quirky vintage caravans. In the early morning dew I went round and took a few photos to add to the photo album!

This week will see us catching up with two couples we have befriended along the way, as well as family (if my daughter’s sister-in-law’s mother-in-law counts as family).!

6 thoughts on “The Rain/Shine Coast

  1. Vicki Roberts

    Sold the vehicle …. hired another… and the trip continues. See you both soon… Cheers Vicki & Jake


  2. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good day Sheila, interesting I drove down Strawberry Hill the other day and guess what, I didn’t see a Strawberry either so I can understand your disappointment and share your pain….
    I can understand you continuing with your search for Diamonds or as I like to call it Gold Diggers although in the USA & UK Gold Diggers appears to have a different meaning, but we won’t go there……
    Love the Hot Rods, its a shame you didn’t drive around Oz in one as you would have been back in Blighty by now…..
    Finally just to let you know I just travelled down BroadBottom Road and yes you’ve guessed it
    I did see some Broad Bottoms……………
    Stay Safe and keep Pootlinggggggg


  3. Benjamin McGregor

    Just catching up on a few Pootling blogs…. sorry I haven’t been on for a while. What an adventure it has been. Though it’s not over yet, I hope you guys are enjoying the final straight! I will have the tissues out for the next one. Love you loads! Benny



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