Overlanders Way

Welcome to Queensland

Speed limit back down to 110 after 130 in NT!

We’ve travelled over 1,000 kms since the last blog and once again have the ocean to our left as we’re now in Townsville. It wasn’t the most inspiring route but if you’re into dinosaurs then there are plenty of replica’s around on the Dinosaur Trail plus some nice windmills. Following the recent flooding we also came across lots of roadworks as well as hundreds of locusts that didn’t jump out of the way in time and covered Jura in yellow splat!

We could have added another 70 kms onto our journey and visited the Walkabout Creek Hotel at McKinlay which featured in the Crocodile Dundee movies but chose instead to stay at Julia Creek and enjoy the Artisian baths. Having a bath in the open air with drinks and nibbles was a lot of fun and helped soothe our aching muscles after our first Park Run of 2019 at Mount Isa.

Mount Isa is another mining town – predominantly copper. The powers that be decided some years ago that it was a bit risky taking tourists down an actual working mine where blasting happens daily at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Instead the town received funding to construct a mine specially for tourists. There are no seams of copper, zinc or silver but we got to dress up, descend 17 metres underground, see some of the obsolete machinery they used to use, have a cup of tea and eat a Cornish pasty! Black Jack, our tour guide was entertaining otherwise I’d have said save your money!

Copper Mine Tour

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Charters Towers was an interesting city and when gold was discovered there on Christmas Eve in 1871 quickly grew to become Queensland’s second largest city. The mines no longer operate but the architecture still mirrors its former grandeur and there are some interesting displays at the Zara Clark Museum. A replica school room had two notices up which demonstrate the difference a Century can make.

10 thoughts on “Overlanders Way

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good Day Sheila, I see you’ve put a bit of a shift on since I last emailed 1,000 kms so you’ll be back soon then….
    I see from the photo’s only Mike was taking a bath, I suppose with all your dips taken in the lakes and hot springs you felt you didn’t need to bathe with the staff….
    Love the school rules I suggest you canvass for these to be implemented when you return, it certainly gets my vote.
    Did you come across the famous but very rare ‘Doyouthinkhesawrus dinosaurs’ they tend to have two eyes and orange in appearance and can often been seen wearing Miners helmets
    By the way YES is the answer to your question………………… Love the wellies

    Stay safe and Keep Pootlingggggggggg…



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