Cyclone Trevor what an endeavour!

We’ve only travelled twelve metres away,
Cyclone Trevor ensured we extended our stay.
Thunder, lightening, rain and a breeze,
We took the precaution to move from the trees!

Cyclone Trevor’s put a spanner in the works,
However Darwin has offered some lovely perks.
Whilst walking around aimlessly, ready to drop,
We made a discovery – The Cheesecake Shop!

Strawberry, lemon, blueberry as well,
Choices, choices, my kind of hell.
Hang on a minute, two dollars a slice!
Why have one, when three would be nice?

The Deckchair Cinema is closed right now,
But the Wave Lagoon was a definite wow.
I mounted a boogie board to surf the waves,
As activities go, this was one of my favs!

Wave Lagoon

Darwin’s Wave Lagoon

The Aviation Centre, entrance fee paid,
Some bits unfortunately we would describe as “staid”.
The B52 Bomber was the highlight for us,
It’s wingspan alone created a fuss.

Mike has kept busy by visiting the gym,
Weights and cycling to keep himself trim.
Sewing and knitting that’s been my thing,
Making teddy costumes with sparkle and zing!!!

Materials are sourced from each charity shop
Some beautiful dresses are next for the chop!
My daughter has said she needs a dozen,
For Sophie’s friends and even her cousin.

Next for the chop!

Next $2 bargains for up cycling

Apart from that, our bikes are still broken,
It’s chucking it down and my washing’s now soakin’.
There’s a notice gone up, ‘Beware of the snake’
Jings and crivvens, just give us a break!

Staying In!

Staying in after dark!

We’re still on target to complete the lap,
So no need to panic or get in a flap.
Humpty Do plus Kakadu are next on the list,
That’s unless Trevor does a three sixty twist!

11 thoughts on “Cyclone Trevor what an endeavour!

    1. SheilaK Post author

      We’ll see what’s open when we get there – there’s been an awful lot of rain! Still can’t move on – bikes not mended. In Broome we had to wait for the tool to be air freighted to get motors off. In Darwin we’ve needed to (a) wait for motors (b) wait for tool to get them back on and just heard yesterday, wrong tool so (c) waiting for another tool to be sent!!!!


  1. Jenny McGregor

    VERY clever poem Mumma… now I see where I get the song writing skills from!!! In fact- I see a song in that last blog post 😂!!! Sounds like it’s been a bit dreary for you both, this leg… which has been great in terms of teddy outfits but not so great in terms of getting out!!! And yes HOW GOOD IS THE CHEESECAKE SHOP!!!! Was one of my fave things when I first moved over!!! Used to be one in DY but it sadly closed 😭. I loved Kakadu… did a 3 day trek through there when I lived and worked in Darwin for a month with Starlight. I hope storms subside so you can be on your way and enjoy. As for snake sign… eeeewwww!!!! 🐍😳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SheilaK Post author

      Aww thanks darling for writing such a lovely review 😘 Not sure we’ll get to spend a whole 3 days in Kakadu as we’ve still got a lot of miles to cover and Mike is starting to panic we won’t make it back in time especially since bikes still not fixed and we’re waiting for another specialist tool to be delivered to the bike shop!


  2. Gerry Kehoe

    Good Day Sheila
    It appears even Trevor can’t slow you down, looking at the map I think you will have to get a bit of a wiggle on to get over the finishing line.
    As you are very keen on Poetry I have found an Aussie Love Poem for you as it might make you giggle as you go pootling along…

    Of Course I Love ya Darling

    Your a Bloody Top Notch Bird
    and when I say Gorgeous
    I mean every word.

    So Ya Bum is on the big side
    I Dont mind a bit of Flab
    it Means that when I’m ready
    There’s somethin there to grab

    So your Belly isn’t Flat no more
    I tell Ya I don’t care
    So long as when I cuddle Ya
    I can get my arms around there.

    No Sheila who is your age
    Has nice round perky Breasts
    They just gave into gravity
    But I know ya did ya best

    I’m tellin Ya the truth now
    I never tell Ya lies
    I think it’s very Sexy
    That you’ve got Dimples on Ya Thighs

    I swear on Me nanna’s Grave now
    The moment that we met
    I thought U was as good as
    I was ever gonna get

    No matter wot U look like
    I’ll always Love Ya dear
    Now shut up while the Foot’s on
    and get me another Beer….

    Hopefully I’m still on your Christmas Card list after reading the Poem.
    Stay safe and keep Pootling……….


    1. SheilaK Post author

      You’re still on the Christmas Card list – just! So not an original poem – tsk tsk. We start month 9 tomorrow – how the time has flown. Will head over to Townsville where your niece (sorry you’re not favourite uncle!) was born. We’re not travelling further north (a) because we don’t think we’ll have enough time and (b) we have been up to Cairns before.



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