Soggy Bottom and Itchy Bites at the Top End

The ‘Top End’ is the name given to this area of Australia and it is the most northerly part we will visit. We are currently in Darwin and may need to extend our stay as Storm Trevor is making its way over from the east coast. The Northern Territory has only had half its average rainfall this wet season which has allowed us access to all the National Parks. We just hope Trevor doesn’t plan to dump the second half whilst we’re here! On the way up to Darwin we stopped at Edith Falls where I enjoyed a beautiful solitary swim whilst being mindful of any crocodile escapees!

The reference to my ‘soggy bottom’ has nothing to do with The Great British Bake Off and everything to do with being in an out of water. Swimming pools at the various caravan parks are getting lots of use and at Litchfield National Park I was diving in to the various water holes at every opportunity. I actually had some people company for a change so didn’t feel quite so nervous about lurking crocs! Mind you the sandflies, mosquitoes and ants are having a field day and I’m covered in itchy bites at the moment.

We came across some interesting ant structures whilst in Litchfield National Park. The first was the Cathedral termite mound which dwarfs Mike. An impressive achievement for a mere 5 mm long termite. The other mounds, slightly hidden from view behind the long grass, are made by the Magnetic termite. These clever little insects align their tower from north to south to ensure one side is always in the shade and they therefore have optimum temperature control inside their mound. Wish we could do that with Jura!

We loved lorikeet feeding time at Batchelor Caravan Park. We considered going on a jumping crocodile cruise but manipulating these wild animals to perform by dangling a carrot/meat on a stick just doesn’t do it for us.

We have enjoyed Darwin’s street art, the harbour area and Charles Darwin National Park. Darwin played an important role during the Second World War and we’ve yet to visit the Aviation Museum which is just along the road from us. Getting around Darwin has been a bit more tricky with our bikes still in for repair. We have hopped on and off local buses (avoiding the rear as they can be a bit smelly) and done a fair bit of walking.

Aussie humour is something else. I have kept back the offensive logo about seeing you in the Northern Territory. The two included here wouldn’t be tolerated in Blighty, would they?

4 thoughts on “Soggy Bottom and Itchy Bites at the Top End

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good day Sheila, I’m worried about your soggy bottom after reading the Prodigy store sign….
    Now we have Trevor on the scene and you have itcy bites at the top end….I could recommend some cream, then we read the rear end is a little smelly and should be avoided so you’ve taken to walking around.
    With all these crocodiles around the pools you are living dangerously taking a dip
    Hopefully Trevor wont hold you up for too long as you appear to be a little behind schedule and Prison is looming, dont worry I’ve been saving up to fly out and visit you in jail when you overstay your visa…

    Say hello to Trevor for me
    Stay safe and keep Pootlinggggg…


    1. SheilaK Post author

      Some clever observations there Mr Kehoe! No need to keep saving we’re well on track although Cyclone Trevor will slow us down as Jura is not an amphibious vehicle. Lots of flooding and crocodiles where they shouldn’t be!



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