Two New Favourites!

By the time you read this blog we will have left Western Australia and entered the Northern Territory. We have spent four months driving from South to North and notched up over 10,000 kilometres if we include the 1,200 kms done on our bikes. It has been amazing. We had not expected Western Australia to keep the best till last – but it did! Lake Argyle has just shot to the top of the list which surprised us as we drove through some pretty dodgy places en route from Broome to get here. It was a case of vroom vroom from Broome.

Lake Argyle is in the middle of nowhere. It is 70 kilometres away from the nearest town and all that’s located at Lake Argyle is a Caravan Park, a Boat Cruise Operator and a Museum (that was closed). At $44 (or £25 a night) the caravan park was not the cheapest we’d stayed in but it did have the best pool and the grounds were beautifully kept. I loved the fact that this whole area is so under developed and with only a handful of other guests staying here I had the whole infinity pool to myself for over half an hour first thing in the morning. It was sheer heaven in my opinion and photographer Mike captured it perfectly!

All to Myself!

Can it get any better than this?

Heaven Again

Here Comes Heaven

We also took a sunset cruise operated by Lake Argyle Cruises with Greg at the helm. The boat set off at half two and we got introduced to some of the lake’s inhabitants including rock wallabies, Jesus birds (so called because they appear to walk on water), fish that spit water at you from a metre away (we checked it was water and not urine!) and fresh water crocodiles. We had the opportunity for several swims off the boat in water that accommodated said crocodiles!!! The water temperature was 33 degrees which is a bit hot for the crocs and so they tend to swim quite deep down, thankfully. The one captured in my photos just came by for a snapper or two!

The sunset over the lake was beautiful and we got to enjoy it whilst floating in the water drinking champagne and eating cheese and biscuits! There was beer for those who preferred and by the time the boat returned to dry land four hours later we had all become best friends and no one was dry!

Argyle Lake is the largest man made lake in Australia and is 70 kms long by 40 kms at its widest point. We heard the story about the construction of the Ord Dam in the late 1960’s and how over the years the water level has been increased to meet demand. The volume is now equivalent to 21 times the size of Sydney Harbour – in case you were interested!

My other new favourite (pushing the Giant Tingle into second place) is the Boab tree. They are unique to this area and are recognised by the swollen base of their trunk. This makes them appear short and stumpy – a bit like me some might say! I couldn’t resist purchasing myself a little wall hanging as a reminder. It was either that or a rare Lake Argyle pink diamond but the jewellery shops were all closed. Mike meanwhile is quite taken by the unusual zebra rock which is mined here and is making enquiries about getting a piece cut for a future retirement project!

The road down to the Bungle Bungles is currently closed but I did take a picture of one of the rocks you might find down there – aka Brexit Rock!!

Mini Bungle Bungle

Brexit Rock

10 thoughts on “Two New Favourites!

  1. Gail

    lake Argyle really does look fabulous. Whoever thought of the infinity pool was inspired. Can only see 1 rock wallaby in each photo? Correct? However will you return to normal day to day life after this trip?


    1. SheilaK Post author

      My pleasure to bring some sparkle to your day. You’ll have seen I even added a beach or two in previous blogs that were not totally deserted just for you!


    1. SheilaK Post author

      Hope the air conditioning keeps going! We’ve needed it! Looking forward to the various swimming holes – don’t need hot springs though … the colder the better!!


  2. Jenny McGregor

    Spitting fish, crocodiles, infinity pools and zebra rocks… sure sounds like another adventure on this leg!!!! I had to laugh at your pic of “Mike’s View”- dig, dig! As for that Champagne sunset… that could possibly be the kind of drink to sway me back into drinking again!!!! I also love the Boab trees- whilst I agree they are short and stumpy- I don’t agree with the comparison you made!!!! xxx


    1. SheilaK Post author

      You really are too kind Jen – but you haven’t seen me for over two months and unlike you I am still partaking of alcoholic beverages on a daily basis and not a lot of exercise in this heat. Floating with a noodle doesn’t really burn the calories! 😍🤪



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