The Kids Will Be Pleased!

Well the kids will be pleased that we haven’t blown their inheritance whilst staying in Broome. Just for a change, this blog details six of the things we didn’t do in this upmarket tourist resort!

1. We didn’t see the Staircase to the Moon. This is a phenomenon which occurs for three nights each month between March and October when the full moon rises and produces an optical illusion across the exposed mudflats at low tide. We will miss it because the dates this month are 21st, 22nd and 23rd March.

2. We didn’t get to do the Horizontal Falls trip which was top of our bucket list. Described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”, the water gushes horizontally rather than vertically and is literally unlike anything else in the world. Unfortunately the only operator offering to take you through the falls by speedboat does not start up again until the beginning of April. We could have flown over them by seaplane but this would only have been half the adventure and we want the full bells and whistles version. Another time, perhaps – mega bucks saved!

3. We didn’t ride a camel along Cable Beach because we honestly didn’t fancy it. However, we did take lots of photos of other people enjoying their jerky ride. With so many different caravan tours happening along the beach it is a good thing the camels wear their very own poo bags. Maybe it’s something Queenie might like to consider for Horse Guards Parade? Mind you, I wouldn’t like the job of emptying them out every night!

4. We didn’t see the dinosaur footprints which are pressed into the reef at Gantheaume Point because they can only be viewed when the tide is below 2.16 metres. That is not due to happen again until 05:40 on the 7th March or 06:07 on the 8th. Amazing that they can be that precise but unfortunately we’ll be long gone by then.

5. We didn’t get to ride our bikes whilst here as they are both in for repair. However, we did catch the Explorer Bus and went down to see the Courthouse Markets on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the torrential rain we had earlier in the morning had flooded many of the streets and stallholders either didn’t attend or packed up early. No money spent there either!

6. We didn’t buy any Broome Pearls, considered to be the queen of all pearls. Broome has a really interesting pearling history and the founder who dared to try culturing them was actually imprisoned when he entered the industry in 1946. Apparently you don’t choose the pearl, the pearl chooses you. Despite a pearl necklace costing $40,000 taking a real shine to me, I decided that the string of pearls and three pairs of earrings I have back home will do me just fine for now!

The kids will be pleased because we moved from an expensive Caravan Park to a cheaper one. We only spent a night at the dearer one – the discount for staying 7 nights amounted to £8 in total! It had a nice enough swimming pool but the site was huge (enough for 500 caravans and already fully booked for July!) and even though there were only about another 10 families staying, we just didn’t get a positive vibe. The savings from moving to a smaller and much nicer Caravan Park just a few hundred metres down the road has allowed us to drink beers at the Divers Tavern and have a game of mini-golf for free!

We have been at Cable Beach (which is right next door to Broome, and much nicer) over a bank holiday weekend. What a contrast to back home as we have enjoyed almost deserted beaches and a lovely climate (30-35 degrees). The sunsets have been stunning and we have developed a liking for the local brew – Mango Beer – healthy and alcoholic!


Mango for March!

Recognising it was a bank holiday was good for us as we really don’t tend to take much notice of what day of the week it is let alone the month. We realised on the 4th March that we hadn’t turned the calendar over from February to March (such a thoughtful Christmas present from sister Moira!). We will need to keep closer track of time from here on in though as we have now entered month 8 of our trip and Mike has booked our return flights for 26th June (16 weeks away)!

10 thoughts on “The Kids Will Be Pleased!

  1. SIL

    Phew! We may be able to stay living in Sydney. By the looks of cable Beach… It’s now on my bucket list. Big hugs. X


  2. SheilaK Post author

    If we can help you stay in Sydney so much the better – after all we’ve invested in property there too!!! This was Part 1 of our retirement plan – who knows what Parts 2 and 3 look like!!! Biggest hugs back at ya xx


  3. Gerry Kehoe

    Well Good Day Sheila, not only are the kids happy with you but I’ve been doing cartwheels, it must be difficult working your budget on an old age pension.
    However it’s good to see that you are keeping up that old Scottish tradition of being frugal with your hard earned pennies…
    I have to say Stairway to the moon three time a month, Have you been drinking???
    Horizontal water falls!! now I know you’ve definately been drinking!!!!!
    Camels on a beach, well I suppose I could swallow one as there is sand??
    However looking for Dinasours footprints, can only lead me to believeing you have been drinking
    Bikes broken, What! both Bikes broken at the same time seems a bit of a coinsidence and Pearls choose you.
    The next thing you’ll be telling me is that Liverpool will win the Premiership…Ha Ha.
    I have to say that Mango Beer must have something to do with your latest ‘fantasy’ Blog.
    Perhaps a Dry April & May might be in order to put you back on the straight & narrow.
    Stay safe and Keep Pootlinggggggggg


    1. SheilaK Post author

      No fantasy – every word true. The dinosaur footprints are over 120 million years old and best examples in the world ~ naturally, this is Australia! The Premiership for Liverpool – well that might just slip away from their grasp at the 11th hour!


    1. SheilaK Post author

      So loved the Mango Beer we stuck with that. Did Ginger Beer in Exmouth though! Broome Cycles have had both our bikes for past 6 days. They needed to order a special tool to be sent air freight to get the motors off and with it being a bank holiday it delayed things. Both motors needing to be sent off for repair and so we’ll be without bikes for a while. Hoping they’ll get motors back to us in Darwin where there’s another Cycle Shop that could fix them back together again!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenny McGregor

    Wow- some of those scenic pics look beautiful… and how’s those deserted beaches!!!! Well- I’m not any more happy than I am when I hear you getting to do ALL the things you’ve dreamed of!!! So… you’ll just have to come back and do it all over again, making sure you get to tick off all of those “didn’t dos” next time!!! Spend the SKI fund I say 😘


    1. SheilaK Post author

      ❤️ Love you so much bestest daughter – and don’t be fooled – we’re still doing all the things we want to do that are open and available. Just wish we had a longer visa as getting too aware of time running out 😭



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