Poetry in Motion

Midwest Windscreens took care of our crack,
They lent us a car to get around and back.
We stocked up on tins, wine, steak and beer,
We don’t want to run short in our Pootling year.

Standing Out at Aldi!

Standing Out at Aldi!

The Murchison River was a beautiful spot,
Before Billabong Roadhouse which was awfully hot.
No jolly swagman or coolibah tree,
But showers and toilets were laid on for free.

It’s off season now so we’ve timed it just right,
To visit Shark Bay a World Heritage site,
Three nights for two at this Caravan Park,
For Monkey Mia it’s up with the lark.

“What is Monkey Mia?”, I hear you ask?
“It’s where bottlenosed dolphins come in to bask.”
“What about monkeys, do they come too?”.
“No, no monkeys, they’re kept at the zoo.”.

Monkey Mia Resort

Pelican and Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Six dolphins came, three with their calves,
Pelican and turtles joined too for a laugh.
Irrabuga’s the dolphins Aboriginal name,
It means “bad breath”. Really. What a shame!

Trillions of cockle shells stand ten metres deep,
There’s no sand at all in this gigantic white heap.
Then on to Hamelin to see stromalites,
They pre-date dinosaurs but thankfully don’t bite!

So there you have it this week in rhyme,
You can tell I’ve had a lot of spare time.
Carnarvon and Quobba are next on the list,
No poetry there unless I am … !!

14 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

  1. SheilaK Post author

    Must have been all that Poet’s Corner I drank. Hadn’t realised that the word you use for greeners up your nose (buga) is Aboriginal for “smells bad”. Irra means mouth. Learn something new every day – hey 😊


  2. Gerry Kehoe

    There is agreat deal I could say
    Now that your crack has been mended
    And your Shopping has all been replenished.
    You can get on your way without further delay
    with plenty of money in your pocket.

    Stopping off to see the sights
    is always a delight
    Viewing Dolphins and Monkeys on the way
    Taking photo’s for the memories is good for the sole
    and can be instantly posted on line
    As you go on your way there’s no more to say
    Other than have a good day…Sheila

    There’s no mention of Mike
    Has he been on his bike?
    Or has he been on the sauce
    and taken the wrong course?
    (Worried from West Sussex)

    Drinking your way around Oz
    is becoming second nature to some i’ve heard
    so off you go tootling so keep on Pootlingggggg
    Remember to stay safe on those roads..



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