What’s In A Name?

Turquoise Coastline

Turquoise Coast

The clue is in the title and this week it has been all about place names and their pseudonyms! Two hundred and twenty kilometres north of Perth is the pretty coastal town of Jurien Bay which lies on the aptly named Turquoise Coast. We spent four nights here unwinding after our busy time with the family. Although we took a task centred approach to re-organising the van, we also followed a therapeutic approach and enjoyed cycling along the Turquoise Way, eating fish and chips and watching the sun set over the water most nights. Skydiving looked fun but too much like hard work or maybe we just weren’t ready for the adrenalin rush!

Next stop was Green Head where the photo opportunity to use my green nit cap again was too much to resist. I did get some funny looks though from passers by! We stayed at a lovely little rustic caravan park which means basically that it was a bit dusty and had limited facilities but great location, clean toilets, nice shower curtains and big shady pitches. A short walk from the campsite was Dynamite Bay whose claim to fame was that it was ranked the 19th best beach in Australia in 2017. It was a nice enough spot but definitely over-rated in my opinion compared with what we’ve seen so far.

Green Head

Green Head!

There’s been a major cock up (excuse my French) over our replacement windows which were due to have been shipped over from Sydney to Geraldton after Christmas. Instead they have sat in Sydney with the guy responsible now off on holiday and not leaving instructions for anyone. Luckily the cracks in our acrylic windows haven’t got any worse and there hasn’t been any rain to test how waterproof they are. Looking on the bright side it means we’ll get to spend Australia Day in Geraldton (there could be a lot in that name!!!).

Currently we are in a town called DONGara but I will always think of it as PONGara for two reasons. Firstly the pungent smell coming off the sea weed and secondly the laundry room. For those unfamiliar with our pootling lifestyle, we are heavily reliant on the laundry facilities at the various campsites. Whilst I fully appreciate there are far more important things to worry about such as Brexit and Global Warming, my life currently revolves around ensuring I have enough $1 coins for the washing machines and holding out for a day or two if the washer price is over $4. Today I thought I’d struck gold when the machine actually took 2 x $2 coins (conserving my limited supply of $1 coins). Another gentleman was in the laundry room as I put my washing on and he was enquiring about the cost of the driers as he had some things he simply wanted to dry. As someone who never uses the tumble driers, I told him I didn’t know. He obviously worked it out for himself because when I went back to collect my washing, the drier was going full pelt. Now although I admit to being quite squeamish around blood and guts, my ability to stomach unpleasant smells isn’t too bad I thought. That is until today! The stench coming off the stuff in the drier immediately started me dry retching. It was as if the guy worked in a fish gutting factory and was simply drying off his wet work clothes. Try as I might to unload my washing, I just couldn’t. I was gagging so badly that my breakfast was about to end up all over my newly washed clothes. In the end I had to get Mike to rescue the washing so I could hang it out. Laundry products that promise to leave your clothes smelling like Sea Breeze will be avoided in future!!!

South Beach, Dongara

One of the Pong Sources!

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    1. SheilaK Post author

      It has been a good distraction for me to summarise our adventures and I’m enjoying the writing and the feedback. Who knows where it might lead – but all the stories are actually true!



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