We Survived Bunbury ….

Two weeks at the same caravan park in this particular location has definitely been an endurance test! Local bar staff claim Bunbury used to be the ice capital of Australia and we aren’t talking about the white fluffy stuff for skiing! Reality struck home when we heard one of the other guests had apprehended a knife wielding person who had broken into his car on Christmas Eve and it wasn’t Santa Claus! The grandchildren have had a great time though and that’s what’s important. Charlie was accepted into a gang and they gave him nits and Sophie befriended a little girl who was keen to let everyone know her Mum was in prison!

We have taken the children out in the motor home and they loved it. The trip to the Apple Fun Park and Gnomesville were both a great hit and the children are not shy in posing with attitude!

The beach in Bunbury got very windy most afternoons. Great for hang gliding but not for surfer Ben who ended up driving back and forth to the Margaret River area to catch some awesome waves. Still it was nice to revisit some of the areas we’d already been to and make sandcastles for a change rather than visit wineries!

Beach Belles

Beach Belles

Pevney Beach

Surf’s Up!

The two big draws for Bunbury were the newly opened Dolphin Centre and the New Year’s Day Horse Racing. Both definitely were worth the entrance fees and were colourful occasions.

Last, but by no means least, we enjoyed a walk in Wellington National Park to see the largest dam in south west Australia. The journey there was somewhat stressful as I hadn’t written down the correct sat nav co-ordinates. We ended up going the very long way round which also included a road with soft verges that we needed to do a three point turn on. I now have a few grey hairs but tan is coming along a treat!!!

We head off tomorrow and are hoping for good weather as the McGregors are camping alongside us in a Charity Shop tent built for two!!! Bumberry might have been tough but at least they had a luxury cabin to themselves. From here on in they’ll be roughing it but the scenery will change every 2-3 nights as we take in Mandurah, Fremantle, Rottnest Island, Perth, Yanchep and a mystery two nights that I’ve left the McGregors to organise!

8 thoughts on “We Survived Bunbury ….

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Good Day Shelia, I’m pleased you survived the last two weeks, you certainly appear to be mixing with some strange folk, ex cons… worried from West Sussex???
    I heard mike couldn’t tip rubbish let alone back a winner. It’s good to know youv’e not been wasting your time but improving your sandcastle building skills!!!
    I’m also concerned over your navigation skills as three point turns can be somewhat challenging with the bus…. still worried from West Sussex…..
    Hopefully you can start moving forward and complete your pootling, I’m not sure if you are still on schedule to finish your journey before your visa’s run out and you either get thrown out of Oz or thrown into jail…. very worried from West Sussex…
    So keep Pootling faster……..


    1. SheilaK Post author

      I worked for West Sussex once ….. Three times Mike backed the winner and he ended up down by only $1 (about 60p)! Maybe we’ll need to come out of retirement when we get back – only covered two-fifths of the distance and now half way through our stay!!!


  2. Ann aka Shirley

    I did smile to myself when I read the children had been sharing more than stories with Charlie and Sophie and I hope you remembered to treat the whole family. Lol
    It was lovely to see the photos of the children having a great time……especially the ones in Jura, fabulous. What super memories you have made.
    Keep pooootling and enjoy the remainder of your time with your family xx xxxx



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