Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights at the Caravan Park

How lucky are we to get to spend Christmas with family out here in Australia. There is son-in-law Ben, daughter Jen and their two beautiful children Charlie (7) and Sophie (4). They flew over from Sydney to Perth and are joining us for three and a half weeks. Blog updates will likely be a little thin on the ground and photos of the family may over ride scenery! We did however get down to the beach early morning to see the dolphin come up close and personal. They are very tricky to photo or perhaps Cracker (born Christmas time) and Anzac (born in April) were just a bit camera shy!
Elusive Dolphin

Cracker and Anzac

The first two weeks are being spent in a Caravan Park in Bunbury. It has not been as busy as we expected but I understand most people will start arriving in the next few days. There has been lots of eating and drinking happening and Jura is likely to be much lighter from here on in as we’re getting through our cellar door purchases. My very favourite, the 2007 Sangioves, got drunk on Christmas Day and it was as good, if not better, than when we tasted it at the vineyard. Christmas dinner was two snapper cooked on the Barbie and there were some fun games to follow. One of the highlights was getting an early morning wake up call from two excited children keen to show us presents they’d got in their stockings. Much more lay undisturbed under the Christmas tree.

There was no Christmas Day Park Run in Bunbury but we joined the run on the 22nd December when it was 28 degrees at 8 a.m. We were parched – and slow! Hoping to tackle the course again this Saturday which would bring our total number of Park Runs completed in Australia to fifteen. Twenty was the target for the whole year so doing well!!!

Christmas Park Run Bunbury

Very Hot Christmas Park Run

Merry Christmas everyone.

PS Freezer lock all fixed. Next issue to arise is two cracked windows – apparently quite a common thing to happen – but luckily covered under warranty but we’ll have to wait till we’re way north of Perth before reaching a service agent on our travels!

9 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. SheilaK Post author

    It’s been wonderful. Glad we haven’t had the heat wave others are experiencing. The sista basket looks good on our miniature tree. Wishing you and yours a beautiful and special festive time. xx


  2. Ann aka Shirley

    Merry Christmas to the Kehoes and McGregors.
    Glad Santa managed to find you. 3 weeks with the children……what a dream!! Enjoy
    Keep the blogs coming xxx



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