Tuning in to Nature

It all started with an innocently titled book called ‘Australian Birds’ which son-in-law Ben kindly gifted Mike as we set off on our journey (I got a head torch which I’m looking forward to using sometime!). We have not taken up ornithology, and the photos leave a lot to be desired, but we are now recognising some of the bird song native to Australia. Bill Oddie eat your heart out.

The Kookaburra’s loud laughing call is very distinguishable, as is the “zit, zit, zit” song of the White Cockatoo and the “Mjerp, Mjerp” of the New Holland Honeyeater. A few weeks back at Two People’s Bay we heard the Noisy Bird but didn’t actually see it and we’re still looking out for the White Breasted Robin which is common in South Western Australia. Our old nemisis, the Magpie, appears to have now stopped swooping but has taken up tap dancing on our camper van roof instead!

The area we have been staying in this week is called the Southern Forests. We haven’t been able to see the wood for the trees! Less cycling this week and a lot more walking. One day it involved a 16 km hike along the Bibbulmun Track to the Giant Tingle Tree. This is a huge fire-hollowed red tingle tree with a circumference of 73 feet. It is the largest known living red tingle, or eucalypt, in the world and was pretty impressive

Giant Tingle Tree

Giant Tingle Tree, Walpole

We stayed over in Shannon National Park where hot showers were a Do It Yourself affair (we didn’t)!

We followed forest trails and now know our Karri Oaks from our Jarrah trees. Shannon Dam was very peaceful especially since no fishing is currently being allowed as its part of an ecological study.

Whilst conscious that I included photos of wild flowers in my last blog, I couldn’t resist a few more taken during a lovely walk through Kondil Wildflower Park in Nannup. There are over 8,000 species of wildflower in bloom across the region – here are just four. Isn’t nature incredibly beautiful?

We continue to buy local produce whenever we can and this week it included award winning chunky meat pies at Pemberton and avocados and mangoes at Nannup’s Saturday Market. Lemons can still be picked up free of charge at some campsites and non-grocery outlets! Christmas decorations are starting to go up and these two made us smile!

Christmas Decorations Aussie Style

Christmas Decorations Aussie Style

More Aussie Style Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations Outside Nannup Police Station!

9 thoughts on “Tuning in to Nature

    1. SheilaK Post author

      Sounds like where you are currently you’d be putting red wine in the fridge to bring it down to room temperature! Not getting above 20 over here in Margaret River.


  1. Jenny McGregor

    Another great blog post- although I’m sure Ben will be giving you a bit of Sh@# over your ‘Bird Noises’- he was in tears with laughter as he read it saying “Zit Zit????” I think you described it beautifully!!! That Tingle tree was truly amazing… and as for the flowers- well I agree nature is a wonder… a truly amazing wonder!!!


  2. SheilaK Post author

    Ha ha – you made me giggle with Ben’s view on the English sounds of native Aussie birds 😂. As for flowers – they get a mention next blog too – yellowish roses!! Keep up. Seeing you very soon 😎



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