We are most definitely front seat passengers on this roller coaster ride around Australia! What a ride; what a country! Our whole trip could be described as the WOW Trail. This week we have cycled the Wilderness Ocean Walk (aka WOW Trail), cruised down Denmark River, swum at Greens Pool, walked through the Tree Tops in the Valley of the Giants and learnt the secrets of sandalwood oil extraction at Mount Romance!

After eating Anzac biscuits at the Anzac Centre in Albany, we had to have Danish pastries in Denmark. Mind you, just behind where this photo was taken we spotted a boat with a rather unusual name. Back home on the River Thames we often pass a boat named “Yes Dear” – somehow we don’t think Queenie would be quite so happy having this one moored up alongside her at Windsor Castle!

Fish and chips were served up on the Denmark River Cruise as well as sightings of osprey in the wild and a beautiful sunset.

Ocean Beach was pretty special and those two happy and relaxed individuals are indeed us. A little further on we stopped for coffee and just looking around us we found all these wild flowers – no idea what they are called although one looks a bit like a geranium!

So Relaxed!

Relaxed and Happy

The WOW Trail is undulating, to say the least, and so our electric bikes came in handy for getting up some of the steep inclines and escaping snakes. Saw a huge one but didn’t stop for a photo.

The Elephant Rocks and Green Pools at William Bay National Park were worth a visit and I was pleasantly surprised that the water really wasn’t that cold once I got in!

There was a suggestion from one of our avid blog followers that we should make our way to the Jungle where “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” is currently being televised. Well, the big news is there were two new contestants this week!

We enjoyed our Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants where we were 40 metres up into the forest canopy. We also walked through the trees at ground level where a 400 year old tree has been named Grandma Tingle because of her gnarled and wrinkled appearance!

Today marks the end of four months on the road. After month one’s disgraceful expenditure statistics, we decided not to put ourselves through public humiliation each month disclosing our alco-frolic tendancies!!! For those who may be remotely interested, our average weekly budget is coming in at around $800 (£450) excluding phone and insurance premiums and we are getting around 24 miles to the gallon (8.5 kms per litre). We have cycled over 1,500 kms on our bikes and driven over 9,500 kms. Margaret River is on the horizon as well as my birthday and Christmas with the McGregors – exciting times!

12 thoughts on “WOW

  1. Anne Walker

    Grear photos Sheila, just love the beautiful empty beaches. The Giants walkway looks a bit more substantial than the one leading to the celebrities camp.
    ‘Keep Pootling’ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gerry Kehoe

    Good Day Sheila, Its very interesting to read that some people (no names no pack drill) pootling around Oz appear to think they are some sort of Celebrities.
    I’m afraid drinking and eating, cycling taking photo’s and constantly moving house doesn’t really count. It appears Harry Rednapp is almost certainly the odds on winner so you would have your work cut out competing with Harry, also you have to eat bugs and swim underwater and collect stars.
    I have put in a request for a free bus pass for you now that magical age has arrived… also you may be entitled to a winter fuel allowance, I will make some enquiries for you.
    Stay safe and out of the limelight, but keep Pootlinggggggg


    1. SheilaK Post author

      Thanks Marie. No birthday mail and bit difficult for Mike to plan anything as we don’t know where we’ll be from one day to another – but having so much fun anyway, what’s another birthday!



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