+8 Hours Precisely

Meridian 120 Degrees

Western Australia Standard Meridian Marker

In the last blog I was explaining that the different time zones were confusing us. Not so this week. We crossed the baseline for Western Australia Standard Time at the Meridian of 120 degrees East longitude meaning we were ahead of GMT by exactly 8 hours!

Whilst Esperance’s Pink Lake is no longer pink, the turquoise sea along the Twilight Beach Road more than made up for this. What a cycle ride.

We enjoyed a visit to the Mermaid Leather factory where discarded fish skin is turned into luxury leather goods. Our token purchase was a fridge magnet and a shark skin hair clip! Some other shopping experiences this week were not quite so successful: such as the local fish shop that didn’t open during opening hours, the Op Shop (Charity Shop) that people come from miles around to visit that only opened Wednesday and Saturday mornings (we missed it), the coffee shop that was only serving instant coffee as their machine had broken down and the much acclaimed restaurant serving wood fired pizzas (but only on Saturdays)! Good job Gnornbup Winery was open. We got to sample two sparkling, three whites, three reds and two fortifieds (ports) before settling on a Sauvignon Blanc and a lovely Ploughman’s Nip to add to our shower cellar!

Mermaid Leather

Genuine Fish Leather

Esperance provided the venue for our first campervan dinner party. Our guests actually brought along most of the food whilst we provided the Christmas tree (talking point) plus plastic crockery and wine! Karen and Chris are another English/Scottish couple doing a lap of Australia in a motor home and we have been following their blog since they set off in March. We always hoped we’d get to meet up somewhere along the journey as they are going round anti-clockwise. Shame we hadn’t heard about Cape le Grand before they told us about it as it sounds like it would have been a great place to visit – oh well next time!!!

The insect repellent recipe using Dettol and baby oil has not been a great success. First time I applied it Mike said “What’s that smell?” Yes, it was me, I smell like a toilet! Fly nets are working a treat!

No Flies On Us!

No Flies On Us!

We have previously shared tales of our cycling adventures on the Riesling Trail and the Shiraz Trail. We have also been on the Oyster Trail. This week it was the Snail Trail (poor snail, long way to the shops!) and the Jesus Trail (if you can walk on water)!

Continuing to move westwards, we moved on to Bremer Bay. The Main Beach isn’t much to shout about but some of the little bays accessible by bike or on foot were lovely.

Next week we’re heading off into the National Parks so for a change it may not be quite so many photographs of beaches!

9 thoughts on “+8 Hours Precisely

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Good day Shelia, good to see your getting into the Christmas spirit, I think the time zones may have played havoc with your body clock as Christmas is some six weeks away in the UK however it’s obviously different in Oz. Christmas Tree 🎄???
    Good to see you’ve stocked up on the old essentials, I was beginning to think you had gone tea total. I had to go and have a lay down as I went all light headed. On Sunday in the UK starts I’m a celebrity get me out of here, so could you try and keep a low profile as I’m sure You don’t want to attract any publicity whilst pootling.
    I love Mike’s hair net it really suits him.
    Keep sending the images and keep Pootlinggggggggg.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dr Vicki Roberts

    Well you have an interesting trip… timing with some shops/interesting sights can be challenging… keep up the wine-support party


  3. Ann aka Shirley

    G’day campers, lovely to see the photos of stunning beaches . Oh and hope you’re not going to to try that insect repellent on the ‘mozzies’ on our next Greek trip!! 🤣


  4. The White Way Round

    Thank you for having us! And for our tree decoration for when the time comes!
    We’ve had a similar shopping cock-up this week – set off across the Nullarbor on a Sunday without realising Woolies was shut. We’ve had some interesting meals for the last few days! Will get to Ceduna tomorrow, thank goodness!
    Enjoy the NPs!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. SheilaK Post author

    So exciting going shopping after eating our way through every last piece of fruit, bread, cereal, milk, treats and frozen meal! Won’t make that mistake again hopefully!



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