West is Best IMHO

In my humble opinion, the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula is much nicer than the East Coast.

e.g. West Coast at Coffin Bay above, East Coast at Port Lincoln below.

The Eyre Peninsula is a great deal longer and wider than Yorke Peninsula where we were last week. To break our four hour drive down to Port Lincoln we detoured off the main road to stop for lunch in Tumby Bay. It was not quite the thriving centre we expected but we could have had a Beer, Burger and Bet for only $17 (£9)! For us the best thing coming out of Tumby Bay (literally) was the silo mural which we would have missed if we had stayed on the main road. Silo art can be seen right across Australia and we have seen some really magnificent ones so far but haven’t been in a position to stop and photograph any up till now!

Eating out is still a rare treat for us as it is quite expensive and we actually enjoy home cooked food where we know what we’re eating. That said, we were aware that the Eyre Peninsula is celebrated for its delicious and abundant seafood and Mike does love his fish and chips! Sadly, despite a very long walk into town at Port Lincoln, the only restaurant we found was the Ming Inn Chinese. The irony is that the meal we had in the Chinese Restaurant was indeed mingin (Scottish slang for disgusting) and we skipped dessert!

Ming Inn Chinese Restaurant

Fine Dining for Scottish Clientele

Dessert Menu

Followed by Deep Fried Ice Cream!

Less than 50 kms from Port Lincoln on the other side of the Peninsula is the beautiful little town of Coffin Bay. Despite its spooky name, we thoroughly enjoyed Oyster Walk and a long day’s cycle through the National Park to the spectacular dunes at Almonta Beach. The area is renowned for its world famous oysters and I decided to give oysters a second chance having previously not enjoyed their snotty texture. This time it was a case of downing them in one and despite the faces I pulled they were OK.

We made a few other stops on the way up the West Coast and enjoyed our stay at Streaky Bay. With temperatures up in the mid 30s it was tempting to take all our clothes off and streak but the flies were a nightmare! One of the Facebook Groups I follow (Nomads of Australia – The Best Bits) provided some good advice on coping with the fly situation including using fly nets, making up an insect repellent solution using baby oil and Dettol or purchasing a product called Nature’s Botanical. I will be using all three in future!

Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay Foreshore Caravan Park

Whilst at Streaky Bay we did a long cycle to Hally’s Beach, the Whistling Rock (more of a hum) and visited the replica of the 5 metre long Great White shark that was caught on a fishing line offshore in 1990.

No Park Runs for a few weeks as there aren’t any around in this neck of the woods. Instead we are getting Jura ‘ship-shape’ ready for the long drive next week across the Nullarbor.

14 thoughts on “West is Best IMHO

  1. Ann aka Shirley

    G’day Sheila, you are looking more and more like a ‘Sheila’ in this pooling blog. Love the hat, wee bit different to the last hat i saw you wearing!!! Again fab fotos and wonderful story telling.
    Keep pootling xx


  2. Gerry Kehoe

    Good day Sheila, looks like your enjoying yourselves, I see poor old Mike is left to doing the chores again (washing the van) whilst you enjoy your oysters 😂 on the sign Silo Art is that Mike on the left? As it look like he’s lost a little weight……
    On Monday we had a budget in the UK and unfortunately there was no changes to pensions so you will have to be careful on your spending also there is a planned increase on wine & Gin, but I don’t think that is likely to effect you 😇
    Stay safe and keep Pootlinggggggg


    1. SheilaK Post author

      Hi Bestest BIL – Love your reviews BTW. Glad Mr Lawson (or whoever is currently Chancellor of the Exchequer) is keeping a tight rein on pension expenditure over there. Believe we will get a higher tax free allowance next year – so all good! As it happens Mike is needing to pull his belt in a little more these days – must be all this fine dining I’m serving up!!! Keeeep reading! xx


  3. Gail Yeo

    Love reading your weekly blog. I thought you’d get wonderful seafood in Port Lincoln but obviously not. The silo art is becoming quite a thing isn’t it and that example is wonderful. Enjoy the Nullarbor. You may have a bit of culture shock leaving the coast.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jenny McGregor

    Can’t believe you didn’t try the fried ice-cream at the Ming-Inn!!! Hahahaha!!! Loved the pic of the shark… he looks like he’s smiling!! xx



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