Fifty Shades of Blue

Marion Bay Photo Frame


As Britain prepares to set their clocks back for winter this weekend, we are delighted to report that the warmer weather is now over here in plentiful supply. We’re slapping on the Factor 50+, donning our sunnies against the dazzling sunshine and have packed away the blankets and thick jumpers. Mike even went as far as getting his hair cut this week from a really nice barber who looks a lot like the guy in the poster on his wall! Our travels this week have taken us down to the tip of the Yorke Peninsula and then over to the Clare Valley. The Yorke Peninsula is all about the fishing and the Clare Valley is all about the wine. We were spectators when it came to the fishing but took an active part in sampling when it came to the wine!!!

First the Yorke Peninsula where the town of Warooka proudly says it is the Gateway to the Bottom End! The Peninsula is shaped a bit like Italy and hangs down to the west of Adelaide. The landscape was quite different from what we’ve seen up till now with huge sweeping fields full of golden wheat and barley. The people we met were really friendly and we were told how to go about catching blue crabs with rakes and we saw a guy with his full quota of herring after only 3 hours out on the pier. We were totally blown away by the beauty of the Innes National Park and Cable Bay and Gym Bay are just two examples of this magnificent coastline. Our e-bikes have again served us well and today the odometers recorded we’d done over 1,000 kilometres since purchasing them – that’s only 5,000 less than we’ve driven!!!

Clare Valley is another of South Australia’s wine growing areas and is renowned for its Riesling. Mike had again researched which cellar doors to knock on and he did well. We visited the Mad Bastards Winery en route to our caravan park in Clare and unfortunately our height meant we couldn’t get up the long driveway. Not a problem walking though as it gave us a chance to see all the mad signage along the way warning us for example to Beware of the Wabbits and the Woos and Lollipops for Children over 60. We laughed a lot at one sign which said “Turn Around No Exit” until we realised it was genuine and letting people know that it was a one way system LOL!

We have counted up that we have now done wine tasting at 26 different wineries and bought wine at all of them!!! We have also fitted in four distilleries and four breweries. We have eaten some excellent food at some of the cellar doors and today managed to squeeze in puddings – Rhubarb crumble for him and Panna cotta for me. The wood fired pizza at Marion Bay was also pretty yummy and we joined other campers last night for a BBQ Meat Roll followed by poetry reading of the hilarious kind. Next week we’re off to Eyre Peninsula where I’m going to have to give oysters another go (gulp)!

8 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Blue

  1. Anne Walker

    Hi Mike and Sheila,
    The weather looks fantastic, so glad it’s warmed up for you, you are certainly seeing some beautiful scenery along the way. Have fun love from us both xx


  2. Ann aka Shirley

    Braw set of photographs……especially the panacotta……looked scrumptious. The views are fab too as is the narrative.
    Glad you’ve finally managed to ditch the jumpers just as we’re starting to wear ours.
    Keep the blogs coming!!!!


  3. SheilaK Post author

    Awww thanks Ann. Appreciate your comments and positive feedback. When in Greece we often get one plate of freebie dessert and two spoons. This wasn’t free and I wasn’t up for sharing lol xx


  4. Gerry Kehoe

    The hour goes back tonight so you will have an extra hours drinking which I’m sure you will take full advantage of….
    Good to Mike getting a short back & sides it was starting to get a little long I thought he may be considering living the hippie lifestyle, always moving around never staying in one place for any length of time, drinking a lot, sleeping outdoors, remind you of anyone?
    Enjoy the weather its started to turn a little colder in the UK, but then we are moving into the Winter.
    Watch out for those cellar doors… and keep Pootlingggggggg



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