Temporarily Off-The-Road

After Lakes Entrance we made our way to Inverloch with the main objective being to take part in the Saturday morning 5 km Park Run.  We could not believe how much wet stuff could fall from the sky but that didn’t deter us – we cycled to the starting point in pouring rain.  The inclement weather kept a number of regulars away (apparently) and so we, together with 38 other runners ran up and down the coastline.  I came 20th, first in age category (again) and the real highlight was to be able to help ourselves to a freshly filleted salmon!  Yes – one of the other Park Runners had been fishing the day before and been pulling salmon out like there was no tomorrow.  He’d kindly filleted and bagged them and they were there for Park Runners to help themselves!  Don’t know who was wetter – the fish or me, but what a treat for the BBQ and a first for any Park Run!

We left Inverloch and headed off to visit a local winery – Lucinda’s Estate.  Very civilised to have wine tasting together with freshly baked pizza.  More alcohol tasting the next day at Loch Distillery and tasted the most gorgeous Gin Liqueur ever – a must purchase to take with us to our next stop – a week with my first cousin Lyn on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Melbourne gave us the opportunity to get the much needed bullbars fitted to Jura, see the city and spend time with my cousin and her family.  The family included the local wildlife who ate straight from your hand (kookaburra, magpies and butcher bird), her chooks and her delightful son Seb and his young family.  Although the weather was variable, we enjoyed some wonderful walks in the local  hills called the Dandenong Mountains and climbed the 1,000 Steps at the Kokoda Memorial Walk.  We often heard Puffing Billy in the valley but managed to avoid that and took the train from Belgrave into Melbourne one day for a good ol’ tourist day’s sightseeing.  Enjoyed a ride on the City Circle tram, spent time in Victoria Market and even bought ourselves our kangaroo hide Barmah hats for when we head west.

This week has provided the opportunity to sleep in a very large comfy bed, use fluffy towels, have the most amazing meals cooked for us and christen Lyn’s new sewing machine.  My leftovers have never been presented as colourfully as our dinner plates last night!  The sewing machine was used to turn an old pair of curtains into bags of all shapes and sizes to protect the TV and table when travelling as well as a caddy for plastic bags and a cover for the Weber Barbeque!  Von Trapp Family eat your heart out!

This week has given us the time to sit and plan our next move and we have taken advice to not simply head off round the coast but to travel inland and see more of Victoria.  Snow is forecast but we’re hoping not to run into any next week as we drive through Kings Valley and up the Murray River.


Gorgeous meals every night = leftovers. Leftovers served up again = colourful masterpiece!

Bags Galore!

Von Trapp Family eat your heart out – look what I’ve made from a old curtain!



3 thoughts on “Temporarily Off-The-Road

  1. Gerry Kehoe

    Good to see your enjoying yourselves, the Bull bars look awesome. Its a shame Mike has been sent off into the woods to find fuel for the Bar B Q whilst you you put your feet up and eat the left over and probably having a drink or two or three………

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SheilaK Post author

    No wood required for gas Barbie – Mike was off into the bush though spotting the local wildlife camera in hand at the ready! As for me drinking – whatever gives you that impression!



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