Ten Days In …….

So we headed off from the Northern Beaches, Sydney on the 29th July and, as you will see from the accompanying map, we’ve headed a little way south and are about half way between Sydney and Melbourne.  The title of the Blog is “Pootling Around Australia” and that is exactly what we’re doing – travelling in a leisurely manner!

Journey to 08.08.18

Green dot is where we headed off from on 29.07.18. Still a long way to go!!!

So far we have only stayed at one free camp by the side of a busy road – everywhere else has been an off-season Holiday Park with excellent clean facilities and no need to book ahead.  Was amused by the laundry room at the Tathra Beachside Park where they had a dog washing facility right next to the washers and dryers.

We have been making good use of local cycle paths and our favourite ride was through the Jervis Bay National Park up to Green Patch where we were dazzled by the whitest sands in the whole wide world (officially according to the Guinness Book of World Records).  Wild life has been amazing and we have stopped getting animated every time we see kangaroos (although I’ve still to capture them on film) apart from when we almost ran one over!!!  Mike spotted dolphin whilst I was looking the other way and we’ve also seen pelican a-plenty, seals and a poorly stingray.  We spent hours scouring the bay at Tathra which is a popular whale watching spot but unfortunately didn’t see any.  We were amused by the notice put up by the local Council that due to popular demand, people were no longer allowed to fish for shark off the pier – as if!!!


Some of you will know I set myself a target of picking up a bag of litter each week as my contribution to the world.  I am pleased to announce I am failing miserably since every beach we have visited has been spotless and I have only managed to find a two foot piece of discarded fishing line to pick up so far!  Moon Bay was particularly beautiful.  We also loved the photo opportunity of visiting Australia Rock at Narooma – spending $50 on the Australia Free Book and App is proving a useful resource.

We are still learning how to operate everything in our motor home by trial and error.  Running out of water at the free campsite wasn’t too smart, nor was using up a whole gas bottle in a week because we left the hot water switch on all the time!  We hope to have a second induction session when we get to Melbourne and the Sunliner Campervan people are proposing billing the cost of this back to the original dealership who did such a poor job.  I am linked up to a number of different FaceBook Groups now though and getting some really helpful advice along the way such as how to wash the outside of the van – consensus is you leave the roof to mother nature!  Indoors we have found it a bit chillier in the evenings and so today invested in a hot water bottle, gloves and a small fan heater – oh for the heatwave back home!!!  That said, the drought here is really affecting the poor farmers and all of New South Wales has been declared a drought zone.

Mike is handling the driving brilliantly and he’s also doing great on the old barbeque too.  I have rustled up a few meals indoors as well and we both know how to help ourselves to the stock of wine and beer that is always available!  In the next few days we will be restocking hopefully from visiting a few local wineries and a distillery en route to Melbourne.







10 thoughts on “Ten Days In …….

      1. SheilaK Post author

        Looked up where you’ll be – looks a nice place. We should be past there and be up by Margaret River for Christmas. Haven’t booked yet as Jen, Ben and the kids are still trying to sort out a house swop Sydney/Perth!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Marie P Caie

    Am really enjoying reading your updates Sheila. Keep them coming!! Only 2 days to go until Louise heads off. So exciting for her. Safe travels xx



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