Some serious shopping happening Down Under as the photos suggest.  We got the important stuff to start with including a litre bottle of Factor 50 sunscreen and a nifty little Beach Shade.  Then there’s all the boy’s toys for Mike (tools galore) and the cleaning accessories …. for …. the two of us (lol)!  Have sourced collapsible bucket, laundry basket and picnic table and all we need now is the motor home!

The update on that is also a reason for celebration – we’ll be picking it up on Monday 23rd July and receiving our two and a half hour induction.  Just hope they have an idiots guide to help us negotiate our way through the control panel as we are complete novices at all this campervan lingo!!!

Meantime we are enjoying winter time in Dee Why where the daytime temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees.  Evening’s cooler but there is a heater in our room and we are using it!  No rain as yet and we’re hoping it stays dry tomorrow as we have a full day planned up in Sydney taking Charlie (6) and Sophie (3) to the Australia Museum where there’s a whole load of cool things going on with dinosaurs during half term week.  We’ve managed to get temporary registration with Medicare (the Australian Health System) and hopefully won’t need it now that Mike’s fully recovered from his kidney stone scare last week!

9 thoughts on “Accessorising

  1. Sharon Croker

    Have you got a spade. We were over in WA when we came upon an RV bogged in sand. They were trying to dig their way out with their dust pan.


  2. The White Way Round

    Happy shopping! And great news about picking up the van! Make sure you ask all the questions you want to at the handover – we came away with a few we forgot to ask. (But Google and FB groups are great if you get stuck.) 😀


    1. SheilaK Post author

      We will have so many questions having never owned a motor home before. Trying not to overthink things but have been taking information on board like crazy from the various FB Groups. Cut and pasted your shopping list onto a Word document and that is what we’ve found most helpful in terms of kitting ourselves out – thank you x

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