24 Hours To Go!

Twenty-four hours from now and I’ll be sat on the plane waiting to take off from Edinburgh Airport (hopefully).  I put hopefully in brackets because we’ve had a week of real highs and lows.

The highs definitely included the gathering of the Matheson clan to celebrate my father’s 95th birthday.  At the party were nine Mr Mathesons, five Mrs Mathesons, one Master, two Miss Mathesons and two unborn baby Mathesons from the male side of the family and then five Tarrys, a McGregor, a Caie and a Kehoe from us ladies.  We came from all corners of the globe including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, America, Sweden and, of course, the UK.  Over the course of three days we kept the local bottle bank busy with all our empties and the various pubs, restaurants, pizza parlours and fish and chip shops are reporting a bumper week!!!

St Andrews, like the rest of the country, has been basking in warm sunshine for weeks and weeks and it did not disappoint.  We had glorious weather and were able to sit outdoors playing party games and singing Scottish songs till late at night. The only time we felt the chill was during our mammoth putting competition down at the Himalayas which is quite exposed to sea breezes.  Didn’t matter though – I was part of the winning team!

The student halls accommodation turned out to be fantastic and if we are coming back in five years time to celebrate Harry’s 100th year, then we’d book it again in a flash.  The only down side was it was a little bit of a walk but taxis were available and (for the younger ones) the walk assisted the sobering up process!  As if I wasn’t kept busy enough organising the party, stocking up food supplies, cleaning up and catching up with everyone, Mike decided to throw a spanner in the works by becoming unwell.  A call from him just as dinner was about to be served on Thursday resulted in me leaving everyone to it and taking him to A&E in Dundee (45 minutes drive away).  He was in agony and it turned out he was suffering from kidney stones!!!

The doctors might have looked to discharge Mike earlier had he got a home to go to and a local doctor.  However, with our home let out and being due to fly out to Australia in five days time they kept him in for three days to make sure all the stones had safely passed through his system and no further treatment would be needed.  We were seriously worried we wouldn’t be able to fly as planned but thanks to the staff at Ninewells he is good to go and we are just so thankful it didn’t happen on the plane or at the start of our Big Lap.  Never in his wildest dreams would Mike have thought he’d be watching an English football match (the Quarter finals against Sweden) in a Scottish hospital ward!

The other dampener to our plans has been the news that our motor home is not going to be ready for us when we arrive despite ordering it over four months ago.  Sydney RV are saying it is being rushed through and hopefully we can pick it up on the 22nd July which is a week later than planned.  We have therefore extended our Airbnb accommodation and will look to pick up our electric bikes early and get in some practice.  It also means that my daughter doesn’t need to worry about childcare on Tuesday and Wednesday when the children are on half term and she needs to go into work as Grandma and Eggles will be on hand!  Every cloud has a silver lining and to round off the week we found out that Planning Permission had been granted for our house in Maidenhead and Mike’s car was able to squeeze into my Dad’s lock up provided you don’t mind climbing out through the boot!!!


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