44 Days To Go….

Much of the preparation activity at the moment is necessary, if a little mundane.  This has included completing our 2017-18 Tax Returns and using up left over food stuffs.  I am not someone who chucks out food just because the packaging says the product has exceeded its Best Before Date.  Common sense prevails and today, for instance, I made a very nice pasta salad using up 2003 macaroni.  Quite proud of the fact that the store cupboards are almost depleted now having used up out of date dahl, red kidney beans, tea bags and even chocolate (I know, I know, “who lets chocolate get out of date?” I hear you say!).

Tomorrow my long running gym membership comes to an end and so no more short tennis, aerobics classes or the gym.  However I remain an active member of the Maidenhead Running Sisters and will pay up my membership for the year I’m away to ensure I remain on the mailing list.  To those Running Sisters following my Blog Adventures I vow to keep running whilst away and will attempt to fit in some of the 293 Park Runs that take place across Australia each Saturday morning.  Each new location will give me the opportunity to get a PB (Personal Best) for that course although I don’t anticipate getting less than my Maidenhead Park Run PB of 27 minutes 09 seconds – the heat is sure to slow me down.

The Bank Holiday on Monday provided the opportunity for us to take our last boxes of trash and treasure to the local Boot Fair. We managed to flog almost everything we took this time and the last few items lurking in the box photographed can be dumped.  With the garage cleared we have started to store our packed boxes in there ready to move to the storage unit.  Just hope we’ve accurately calculated the size of unit we need as I’d hate to get half way through and find it wasn’t going to be big enough!!!

Mike has just had a birthday and he got some really useful presents from yours truly including a head net, tin mugs (with camper vans on them) and electronic luggage scales!  He likes to research his own gadgets and so money has been set aside for him to get some Noise Cancelling Headphones through which he can listen to Spotify to his heart’s content.

We’ve booked only three nights Airbnb accommodation for when we arrive in Sydney and are just waiting for confirmation from Wayne at Sydney RV that we can receive our two and a half hour induction on Jura (as our RV is to be affectionately referred to – long story) on the 15th July.  All being well it is then that we’ll hit the practice trail!


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