Two Steps Forward

Great news and a big phew – following his medical on Thursday, Mike got notified on Monday that his 12 month visa had been granted.  Didn’t take long really and a huge relief I have to say!

Armed with visas we have now booked our flights and depart from Edinburgh on the 11th July and arrive in Sydney the following day.  We will need to check when we can collect our motor home but it does mean we can start the final countdown.  I am meeting girlfriends up in town tomorrow (Covent Garden) for a last celebratory lunch.  Hard to believe it is really happening.

We have made two lovely strides forward but sadly we have also had to take a reality step backwards.  Mike’s elderly mother sadly passed away on Friday.  She has been in a nursing home for a while and although there have been near misses before when she was very poorly and then recovered, this time she decided it was time to go.  On the bright side at least Mike was there with his sisters and we can all attend the funeral in a few week’s time.

I am about ready to share the Blog Address and see if I can’t drum up a bit of follower interest as it will be nice to think I’m not simply talking to myself!!!



2 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. Jan

    Have entered your blog address as a “must see event” into my browser so there are people reading all about your adventures!! Am I one of those friends mentioned in Covent Garden?
    So good luck and look forward to reading all about your travels. Xx



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