Let’s start at the very beginning…..

McGregor Wedding_391A very good place to start!  Who would have thought that my daughter’s auditioning for a part in an amateur production of Oliver would lead to this adventure?  But it did!  Long story short – she got the part of Nancy, fell in love and married the Australian guy who played Bill Sikes and they sailed off into the sunset.  Well – the Northern Beaches, Sydney to be more accurate.

Since that tearful farewell in 2004 I have visited Australia 14 times to mark various occasions including their wedding, the birth of three gorgeous grandchildren, my 50th birthday, several Christmases (lets face it, it’s freezing in Scotland) and sometimes just for the hell of it!  Very few visits have incorporated much sightseeing although we have been as far north as Cairns and visited Melbourne.  The latter, on my 50th birthday, involved hiring a campervan and taking it from Sydney to Melbourne, along the Great Ocean Road and then flying back from Melbourne to Sydney.  That seven day trip ignited the spark that has led eleven years later to this, the BIG LAP!  I am about to live life in the front row – BRING IT ON!!!



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